Balaji Wafers revamps its Chataka Pataka Brand

The Background

Balaji Wafers is a household name for Indian Namkeens and wafers in western part of India. It’s known for its value for money offering. Balaji Wafers is one of the largest potato chips producing companies in India, with a high market share especially in Gujarat.

WOW! Design approached Balaji Wafers with the proposal of giving the entire Brand a facelift. Our research showed that while Balaji products were perceived to be good in quality and ofcourse affordable, teenagers shunned buying it when among peers, while they would conveniently buy it when alone. Somewhere the aspirational value for the brand was lacking. We pitched in to bridge this gap.

WOW! Design embarked on the process step wise and started off by adding the magic touch to new brand launches demonstrating how Brand Design can help enhance the Brand perception.

The Task

The one line brief was to develop a new Chinese variant for their existing brand Chataka Pataka.

Going Beyond the Brief

Along with developing the Chinese variant, WOW! Design attempted to add the zing to the Chataka Pataka mother Brand. The existing Brand Identity lacked the character the Brand stands for and the orchestration of the core Brand Essence and was also losing out on Brand Impact in the minds of the consumer. While there were two colours but just that was not being enough.

The entire essence of Chataka Pataka lied in the combination of two tastes which complement each other. A brainstorm on the concept of such complimentary combinations led us to the idea of conversation units, which stood for the coming together of two opinions, while two friends may be conversing – Thoda Pyar, Thoda Nok Jhok. The entire idea gelled in so well with Snacks in general being a social food item in India, which is enjoyed on the go or over conversations with others.

Thus was born the new Brand Identity of Chataka Pataka which also gave it the much required throw to stand out on every pack.

The Design Idea

Now for the Chinese Variant, WOW! Design did a small dipstick research to find out the Indian consumer’s ‘top of the mind’ associations with anything Chinese – From the Great Wall of China, Chinese Alphabets,Chinese restaurants to Chinese White goods. When coming to the way Chinese food is served, the bowl and the chopsticks were winning entries which connote the authentic Chinese approach.

We kept it very simple – serve the product in a Chinese bowl communicating that now your Chataka Pataka comes in a new Chinese Flavour also. To add to the authentic look, we added a mascot with a scroll in hand, perhaps unfolding an authentic Chinese recipe. The curious Chinese letters written on the bowl are actually CP(initials of the Brand Name) written in a Chinese looking font.

WOW! Design also went on to give Retail Visibility Design Solutions to increase the Brand Awareness among consumers.


The outcome was a Brand Facelift along with the New Brand launch with an exciting Packaging Design, which took the market by surprise.


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